Your Alberta Solar Experts

Our Mission:

To help Albertans reduce their carbon footprint

We perform complete design and build services for solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, including site assessment, design, drafting, construction, and commissioning services. We also offer ongoing maintenance services.

We believe that solar is a legitimate way for a business to reduce their carbon footprint, market sustainable business practices to their customers, and to insulate themselves from the effects of rising electricity prices.

Albertans have been fortunate to pay some of the cheapest electricity rates in the world for the past several years, thanks to abundant supply and reduced demand. However, electricity prices are rising in response to new legislation forcing the retirement of coal generation facilities, the carbon tax on all fossil fuel generation, and a recovering industrial sector increasing demand.

In Alberta, solar PV can a portion of offset fees paid to transmission and distribution companies, resulting in further savings.

Please contact us to determine how we can help you produce sustainable, affordable electricity on your site.